We uplift the Pediatric Cancer Community through creativity and fundraising.

Funds raised via our Ambassador program allow us to support you.

Looking for Financial Relief?

We’d love to give them the opportunity to have fun through entrepreneurship! 

Is your child a Cancer Warrior?

How We Serve Families Affected by Pediatric Cancer

our programs

Must live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and or Houston area

Currently diagnosed with cancer and/or in remission

Between the ages of 10-18 

ambassador checklist:

When the campaign is over, proceeds will be collected by Salood and distributed back to pediatric cancer families needing financial relief.

4. give back

Salood hosts a launch party where the ambassador and collaborator showcase their creation and market to the public.

3. celebrate

The ambassador meets with the collaborating company representative to create a product or service that will be taken to market. 

2. Create

Patients with pediatric cancer(in treatment or remission) between the ages of 10-18 are eligible to be a Salood Ambassador. Once selected, the Salood Ambassador is paired with the collaborating business.

1. Connect

how it works:

Salood brings young cancer warriors and businesses together to create customized products sold to benefit families affected by pediatric cancer. 

Fun Collaborations. Meaningful Fundraisers.

Ambassador Program

Would you child enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Contact your case worker to apply. 

If family doesn’t see their hospital listed, contact your case worker to reach out to Salood.


Children's Medical Center Dallas is proud to partner with Salood. If your hospital would like to partner with us in providing financial relief, please Contact Us.


We provide financial assistance for any family affected by pediatric cancer, NO questions asked

Case Workers provide applications for financial assistance

Salood works in conjunction with local children’s hospitals 


Through product sales from our Ambassador program, we are able to raise funds and offer financial relief to families affected by pediatric cancer. 

we are here to support you.

If Pediatric Cancer has created a financial burden for your family, know that you are not alone. 

Financial Relief Program


Check out our social media channels for collaboration announcements. When an opportunity is available we’ll provide an application that will include general questions, and a medical questionnaire.

How to Apply to be a Salood Ambassador:

All medical information is kept confidential and is not discussed with outside parties.

Our Privacy Policy:

All children between the ages of 10-18 currently diagnosed with cancer and/or in remission are eligible to apply. Must live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and Houston area.

Ambassador Eligibility:

Salood is financed through individual contributions, corporate donations, grants, and planned gifts. We do not accept contributions over the phone.

Our Funding:

Depending on the project it can vary. On average it will be 10-20 hours, 2-3 design meetings (held over Zoom) with the business, product photoshoot, and a launch party to celebrate the creation.

Time Commitment for Collaborations:

Family income is not taken into consideration, and does not affect eligibility for either our Ambassador or Financial Relief Programs.

Income & Eligibility:

All expenses for our programs are covered by Salood.

Covering Expenses:


Our goal is to have at least 1 collaboration every season. Check out our website and social media channels for collaboration announcements.

Frequency of Collaborations:


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