Supporting the Pediatric Cancer Community through innovative collaborations and meaningful fundraisers. 

Salood, Inc. is an incorporated nonprofit organization founded in June of 2019 under Texas nonprofit corporation law. Working in cooperation with hospitals and companies, Salood creatively provides financial assistance to families dealing with childhood cancer.

Proceeds from product sales are used to offer financial relief to families with unforeseen pediatric cancer expenses. 

We pair pediatric cancer warriors with established businesses to create and sell unique products.

Salood is committed to creating entrepreneurial experiences for pediatric warriors dealing with childhood cancer. 

Kenny graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Business Management. Kenny has spent the last 7 years of his career at Amazon with a focus on operational execution, process improvements, and developing leaders. His childhood experience facing various illnesses allows him to better empathize with pediatric patients and their families.

Salood Co-Founder 

Kenny Freeland 

Joshua holds a bachelor's degree in Business from the University of North Texas. As a Salood founder, Joshua is excited to help patients and families gain a sense of leadership through the creative collaborations and the financial assistance that comes as a result of them. Joshua spends his spare time with family, friends and perfecting his autobiographical sitcom pitch to Netflix.

Salood Co-Founder 

Joshua Castillo 

Salood was founded by two best friends who wanted to make a difference for families battling pediatric cancer.


In Spanish, the word is used to indicate good health/well-being. In celebrations, it also used as a toast, similar to the English word "cheers."

"Salood" is a play off of the spanish word "salud" (sah-lood).

What does Salood Mean?

Through product sales from our Ambassador program, we are able to raise funds and offer financial relief to families affected by pediatric cancer.

Financial Relief Program


Salood brings young cancer warriors and businesses together to create customized products sold to benefit families affected by pediatric cancer. 

Ambassador Program