We need amazing businesses like yours to make our ambassador program possible.

Out-of-state brands are welcome to collaborate

Email Joshua@salood.org your business pitch 

Businesses of all sizes welcome, but an active online presence is necessary for fundraising efforts

Not currently collaborating to create food or kitchenware products

We currently accept partnerships from product-based businesses

business partner checklist

When the campaign is over, proceeds will be collected by Salood and distributed back to pediatric cancer families needing financial relief.

4. give back

Salood hosts a launch party where the ambassador and collaborator showcase their creation and market to the public.

3. celebrate

The ambassador meets with the collaborating company representative to create a product or service that will be taken to market. 

2. Create

Patients with pediatric cancer(in treatment or remission) between the ages of 10-18 are eligible to be a Salood Ambassador. Once selected, the Salood Ambassador is paired with the collaborating business.

1. Connect

how it works:

Through our Ambassador Program, Salood brings young cancer warriors and businesses together to create one-of-a-kind products sold to benefit families affected by pediatric cancer. 

Fun Collaborations. Meaningful Fundraisers.

let's work together

It was wonderful to include the patient in the design process and see the product come to life! Sharing creativity with others is special and this experience is one I will never forget! The experience partnering with Salood was seamless and it was great to be able to focus our mission on a purpose that touches so many lives. 

- Taylor Turner, Hazen & Co.

"Partnering with Salood was seamless"

Designing the sweatshirt with Avery was the highlight - Joshua facilitated every step of the process and made it so easy and rewarding for us all.

- Kathryn Sukey, Fashion Designer

"Rewarding for Us All"

BUSINESS OWNERS: Would your business like to partner with Salood? Email us at Joshua@salood.org


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